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Reflection Paper #1:

Find a news report about a recent scientific study. It doesn’t have to be a psychology study.
Provide a link to or copy of the report so that your TA can refer to it when reading your
reflection paper and potentially use it as an example in the class discussion. Are the claims
made or implied in the article’s headline and main text supported by the scientific evidence
provided in the article? Are causal claims being made based on correlational data? Might there
be a third variable at play that could explain the results, self-selection or other issues
emphasized in Chapter 2? Can you think of any alternative explanations for the results relevant
to the concepts discussed in Chapter 2 of GKCN? If so, consider what kind(s) of evidence one
would need in order to support the journalist’s claims.

Relevant reading: GKCN Chapter 2

*All reflection paper should be no longer than 1 single-spaced page (margins no smaller than 1″; font size no smaller than 11 point).

Before you find the link, please read the GKCN chapter 2 that I uploaded. When you write the essay, you need to compare the news report and GKCN reading. Also, Please send me the news report link so I can get approve from TA. Thanks

I mean that reading provides the Newsreport guidelines such as the value of social psychology research, how social psychologists test ideas, the criteria of sound research, Ethical concerns in social psychology research. Please read carefully and find the newsreport(research) that meets these reading guidelines. Thanks 🙂

Let me know if you have question. Send me the news report link(appropriate) first before you start.

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