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Hapa kunakaa luna kamaneno sasa hata sijui kutakuwa aje. Kwa hivyo itatakiwa tuwe macho sana ili tutoboe

For your Artifact Project Paper, you will need to achieve these goals:

1. Paper should be 6 pages long, not including the bibliography

2. Paper should describe the cultural context that the artifact was part of during the time of its manufacture and use. To do this you will have to utilize the identification provided (for example, Sican mask) and then do research on that culture/context (what is Sican? Where was the culture located? What time period? How was the society organized?)

3. Paper must utilize sources that extends our knowledge of the item beyond the artifact description provided on the DMA website

4. Paper should investigate the status of archaeological/historical sites in the presumed source area attributed to the artifact. Is this an area that has an active history of collecting and/or looting? Is it likely that the item was removed from an archaeological/historical site or context? If so, is there evidence of an active art/artifact market in this sort of item?

5. Paper should conclude with a discussion of the relevance of the item to art historical and/or archaeological knowledge. It is simply an artistic object, or does it have archaeological/historical importance?

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