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Physical Environment, Group Size and Structure

This essay provides you an opportunity to apply the specific concepts of physical environment, group size and structure to actual situations in which you have or are currently involved.
General Requirements:
• Use of APA Format (including a title page)
• 3-4 typed pages in length
• Double spaced
• One (1) inch margins
• 12 point font
• Free of mechanical and grammatical errors
Specific Requirements:
Remember – Every writing assignment should have an Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Begin your essay with an INTRODUCTION which provides an overview statement for what you will be discussing. In the BODY, use the following questions below in fully developed paragraphs to guide you. CONCLUDE by wrapping up your ideas and restating the overview statement.
1. Describe a meeting area that you use at your place of work or other places where you participate in a group. (rectangle or round table, large or small room, projection capability, etc.).
We sit at a rectangle table, small room, yes projection capability
2. Is there a place at the meeting table that you consider your “territory?” Do you typically sit in the same chair when a meeting is conducted in this room? Describe your place in the arrangement?
Yes I sit in the same chair every time we go there for a meeting, Yes my territory, I sit in the back or what is considered the back of the room.
3. How does the seating arrangement during the meeting influence the discussion? How does it affect your participation?
I feel more comfortable in the back and as long as there is not a big group I participate just fine.
4. What is the size of the group? How does the size of the group influence the discussion? How does it affect you?
Depends on the day sometimes 20 sometimes 5. I participate when we have a smaller group.
5. How would you characterize the communication network during the meeting? How does it affect the work group?
Great communication, no affects
6. Are there any of these aspects that, if changed, would improve the group’s communication? Explain.
No our group meetings have great communication
The writing assignment will be evaluated using the Written Communication Rubric.
This assignment is worth 50 points.

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