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Nursing Reflection

I had a pt with aortic aneurysms.. in the morning I did physical assessment, help the with medication, rounds, Collect vital sign, provide care to the patient.

Reflective Clinical Journal

Submit your graded reflective journals.

Throughout the Nursing Practicum clinical rotation, students will be evaluated based on their ability to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to provide safe client and family centered care. The clinical instructor will review and respond to student with his or her critique on each written journal to further assist the student and verify that students are meeting the course objectives.

This is a reflective paper, and the use of “I” statements is expected as you describe how your actions met course and your personal objectives. The journal entries must be in sufficient depth that reflects the student’s clinical experience accurately. APA format and clear writing style are expected. Each journal must include a reference page that includes at references utilized by the student during clinical hours

Purpose of the Reflective Clinical Journals

The written clinical journals provide an opportunity to verify that students are meeting STU Undergraduate School of Nursing Learning Outcomes 1-7, critical and creative thinking, quantitative reasoning, scientific and information literacy, communication, diversity, and integration of learning.

Guidelines and instructions

Students will submit a weekly journal starting the third week of clinical.

At the end of each clinical experience, students will submit a written reflective clinical journal on Canvas for evaluation. Students will describe their clinical experience day by providing exemplars of the care they rendered to their clients and how their care was achieved.

The clinical reflective journals must include the following:

personal clinical learning goals/objectives,
client profile(s), HIPPA requirements must be followed to protect client privacy,
Descriptions of the care rendered to the client (s) and how it was achieved using the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) Core Competencies.
a discussion of how goals were met or not met, strengths/needs,
a reflection,
Recommendation of changes in how you would function as a newly graduated BSN
must be 2-3 pages in length, pages that exceed the limit will NOT be read and further points may be removed if critical content was included on the excess pages
Precise APA format that includes correct punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and references. The “easy” online APA software has errors and should NOT be used.
type, Times Roman, 12-point font, and double-spaced,
a reference page with at least 3 recent (not older than 5 years) peer-reviewed nursing articles, books, drug book/guide, laboratory and diagnostics manual, policy & procedure manual, and
Submit the assignment on canvas by the due date.
Falsification and/or fabrication of journal entries and /or clinical hours are examples of academic dishonesty that will result in immediate failure of the course.

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