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Distribution System Report

This is a report analysis about POP UP STORES.
Firstly, analyse and explain pop up stores, and their importance within the fashion Industry. Why are they now so necessary?
Then, analyse the status quo of pop up stores, giving data based on how different Brands apply this format and how often. Also, it must be discussed whether this format is worth applying. Give examples with brands’ data.
Finally, conclude with an opini?n based in the data previously mentioned and consider if this format of distribution is going to increase or decrease. In other words, how do you foresee that this methodology will work in the future, and its worthiness for fashion brands.
Sources and data have to be linked to my other projects that analyse the Spanish shoe brand Camper, so data, unless it is very representative and adequate to the context, please use sources that are relevant, although not necessarily about shoes brands.
Add pictures if possible.

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