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Role of the United States in the Iranian Revolution

Essay: you will be required to submit 7 pages paper (double- spaced) and write about a topic of your choice.
I already chose a topic and I did a proposal in this website ill attach it anyways here

The topic should only cover what it has been taken in the class. so ill put the materials and the readings

I’ll attach the first and the last pages of the articles so you know which one thanks.
1- the united states in the middle east by michael c. Hudson

2- Structural Opportunity and Perceived Opportunity in Social-Movement Theory: The Iranian Revolution of 1979 Author(s): Charles Kurzman

Role of the United States in the Iranian Revolution The Iranian revolution of 1979 is one of the most important events in the history of the country. The revolution, which was planned and executed by Imam Ruhollah was the toppling point in the development of modern Iran (Kuzman, 1996). The most important part of this revolution is, however, that no one saw it coming. Even the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States thought that the president, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, could contain the protests (Hudson, 2005). Besides, several student organizations and Islamist movements supported this move in contrast to what the world had thought the people of Iran would react to the coup. It is essential to use the understanding of the Iranian revolution to explain how riots grow from both civilians and the politicians’ point of view. The research paper will discuss the events from 1977 up to 1979, creating a timeline of events leading to the revolution. It will analyze the reasons that led to the Iranian revolution, specifically the US involvement in Middle East politics.