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Physical Environment, Group Size and Structure

This essay provides you an opportunity to apply the specific concepts of physical environment, group size and structure to actual situations in which you have or are currently involved.
General Requirements:
• Use of APA Format (including a title page)
• 3-4 typed pages in length
• Double spaced
• One (1) inch margins
• 12 point font
• Free of mechanical and grammatical errors
Specific Requirements:
Remember – Every writing assignment should have an Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Begin your essay with an INTRODUCTION which provides an overview statement for what you will be discussing. In the BODY, use the following questions below in fully developed paragraphs to guide you. CONCLUDE by wrapping up your ideas and restating the overview statement.
1. Describe a meeting area that you use at your place of work or other places where you participate in a group. (rectangle or round table, large or small room, projection capability, etc.).
We sit at a rectangle table, small room, yes projection capability
2. Is there a place at the meeting table that you consider your “territory?” Do you typically sit in the same chair when a meeting is conducted in this room? Describe your place in the arrangement?
Yes I sit in the same chair every time we go there for a meeting, Yes my territory, I sit in the back or what is considered the back of the room.
3. How does the seating arrangement during the meeting influence the discussion? How does it affect your participation?
I feel more comfortable in the back and as long as there is not a big group I participate just fine.
4. What is the size of the group? How does the size of the group influence the discussion? How does it affect you?
Depends on the day sometimes 20 sometimes 5. I participate when we have a smaller group.
5. How would you characterize the communication network during the meeting? How does it affect the work group?
Great communication, no affects
6. Are there any of these aspects that, if changed, would improve the group’s communication? Explain.
No our group meetings have great communication
The writing assignment will be evaluated using the Written Communication Rubric.
This assignment is worth 50 points.

Business Operations Discussion Board

The assignment for the class Business Operations Discussion Board is to have read and understood the information in this Module’s chapters (Ch. 16, 17, 18 & 19), then read the Closing Case starting on page 630, “Domino’s Global Marketing,” and respond to Questions #1, 2, & 3 (provided on page 632) within the Module Six Discussion Board discussion here. Remember, this is a discussion — not short answers. Make sure to include the following in your discussion response. In your answers, you are encouraged to apply the concepts and framework from the textbook, as well as external sources. However, make sure you DO NOT copy (plagiarize) content from these sources. Paraphrase and provide references.

1. Provide your rationale for the response and build your position for the answer you have given using at least two examples from the case or other material that you reference.
2.Rather than “what do you think…,” specifically indicate what Domino’s does as an organization to accommodate local differences in consumer tastes and preferences from what it does in the US. Provide at least 3 specifics and identify how they are different from the standard fare in the US.
3. To answer the third question in the Case Discussion Questions, first identify what “marketing mix” means (read chapter 18 and specifically pp. 519, 521, & Table 18.1 on 537). Then for Japan and India each, provide at least one answer referring to each of the 4 marketing mix strategies, i.e., product strategy, distribution strategy, communication strategy, and pricing strategy, from the information provided within the case and your own research.

4. Go back to Chapter 15 (page 455) which you just completed in Module 5, and respond to “Critical Thinking and Discussion Question” #4. Select one of the three answer choices (a, b, or c) and receive +2 points for each complete plausible rationale (the “why” response) that you provide ( up to 3 = total of 6 pts possible).

5. After reading the description of Boeing from their website provided below, answer the question at the end:

“Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defense, space and security systems, and service provider of aftermarket support. As America’s biggest manufacturing exporter, the company supports airlines and U.S. and allied government customers in more than 150 countries. Boeing products and tailored services include commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, advanced information and communication systems, and performance-based logistics and training.” ( Reference: https://www.boeing.com/company/ (Links to an external site.))

Why is the US planning to provide economic support to Boeing, so it can rebuild the company? Provide your rationale (+2pts for each reason you provide up to 3 = total of 6 pts possible).

6. The international pharmaceutical supply chain disruption due to COVID-19 has publicly identified that many of the US pharmaceutical products have been outsourced to China for either the complete manufacture of those drugs or for the manufacture of critical ingredients needed to develop medical drugs. This is a fact that the general public was mostly unaware of. In your judgment should the manufacturing brought back into the US so we are not dependent on any other country for our nation’s pharmaceuticals, many of which individuals require to maintain their health and even their lives. Provide a discussion of the issues including pros and cons. (5 pts. for good discussion)


Hi, You only need to answer question number 3 in the description, which is “3. Describe your team’s assessment and feedback plan to confirm your diagnosis. Your plan should include a description of the diagnostic model and methods your team will use in conducting the diagnosis.
” . Because this is a group project, I leave the rest of the questions for you as references.

1. Describe the preliminary problems or issues of concern your team identified in the case. [Note – Consider “what is” and “what should be.” Gaps between those two indicate a potential problem or issue of concern.

2. Specify the preliminary root causes for each identified problem or issue of concern.

3. Describe your team’s assessment and feedback plan to confirm your diagnosis. Your plan should include a description of the diagnostic model and methods your team will use in conducting the diagnosis.

4.Anticipate any negative consequences that you foresee resulting from the assessment and feedback plan. Then, describe what steps can be taken to avert these negative consequences.

5. List the KM Best Practices your team would follow if you were hired on as consultants on this case. These best practices will have emerged from the previous best practice case summaries and discussions in class, but can also come from other assigned course readings, outside readings, and/or students’ own organizational experiences as well.

Leadership – Individual PLDP Project

Files attached descriptions:

This file “Abdulaelah Edit – BUSE 615 PLDP Assignment Guide – Conceptual Framework” is the guide line of the project, please follow it carefully.

This file “Guidelines Notes” has more details on the project which might help you.

Please follow those guidelines carefully, the doctor is a very detailed person.
I’ll attach after placing this order, one of my friends work, please don’t do the same just get the idea on how to do it.

Please use the number of sources you need