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Software Engineering Chinook Database

Chinook Database
In this project, you will query the Chinook Database. The Chinook Database holds information about a music store. For this project, you will be assisting the Chinook team with understanding the media in their store, their customers and employees, and their invoice information. To assist you in the queries ahead, the schema for the Chinook Database is provided below. You can see the columns that link tables together via the arrows.

All of the below instructions are discussed in detail as we work through this lesson on your way to completing this project. The below serves as a quick reference of what you will be doing as you progress through the completion of this project.

You will need to follow the instructions on the next three concepts to get the Chinook database up and running on your own machine, and check that it is set up correctly. There will be two parts to this project.

The first part is a series of questions that will assure you have mastered the main concepts taught throughout the SQL lessons. Though these questions will not be “graded” by a reviewer, they will help you self assess.

The second part is a presentation. Similar to the first project, there isn’t a ‘right answer’ for the second portion of the project. You have the ability to be creative in the questions you ask. You will then write a SQL query to pull the data needed to successfully answer your question. Use the pulled data to build a visual (bar chart, histogram, or another plot) that answers your question. The essentials of your project submission are discussed in the next sections. In order to review your presentation, you will need to save your slides as a PDF.

Project Walkthrough
This video shows one of our instructors giving some great hints and tips for how to get started with your project: Walkthrough Video

Stuxnet and Industrial Internet

Watch Video: Videos > Discussion Board

Stuxnet 60 Minutes Link: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WmaZYJwJng)

Write a paragraph [min. 4 sentences] that includes, but not limited to:

1, What was your initial reaction to the Video?
2, Did it change your perception in anyway?
Watch the Video: Videos > Discussion Board
Link: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBDShp6U7tU)
Welcome to the age of the industrial Internet
Write a paragraph [min. 4 sentences] about your thoughts on the video. Remember the Stuxnet video?
Please make it short and precise and focused to the point.
Thank you.