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Radiation Biology

* Requirements Title Page, 3-5 pages long, and Bibliography which is the citation end of the paper. * 3 Sources (Text Book should be one of them I already attached it as pdf , the aother two sources you choose use the biography at the end of the chapter for some good ideas). * citation need to be as APA. * I choose for the topic lung cancer please read Chapter 24 for the specific types of cancer for which clinical studies have been reviewed, then research current retreatment options or clinical trials.* MORE THAN HALF OF THE PAPER should be dedicated to giving a broad overview of the cancer itself, the current treatment options available and most widely used and the current statistics (American Cancer Society). A summary of the clinical studies overview given in the book should also be included in this discussion. * Then the remaining pages is to wrap the paper up, think about IF you were previously diagnosed with this cancer and had gone through treatment 5 years ago, would you pursue retreatment, why or why not. If, in your research you come across any current clinical trials, feel free to discuss that as well. * Grading: The paper will be graded predominantly on your ability to effectively summarize the vast amount of information about the topic you are assigned. Grading is also based on your ability to tie in your personal thoughts and feelings about IF you had to choose retreatment. Not following the requirement or not submitting the work on time, i WILL AKS FOR REFUND because I dont have time for revision. I f you have any question as please as soon as possible not a day or a night before the due which usually happen in all my last experience. phone number ***