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Case Conceptualization and Treatment Plan

To help your self with this assignment, you need to look at Appendix A Cognitive Case Write-up (pages 361-365) of Cognitive Behavior Therapy Book. Chapters 2,3,5 and 19 should also help you out in this project. For those of you who did not get your CBT Book, I am attaching the chapters here.

Your pager should be between 6-8 pages long covering all the elements in the case study instructions and the Rubric. I have attached an example here from previous years to help you out. However, this example is meet expectations only. To get better grade, you need to develop your paper using headings and structure. You need to follow Appendix A in your work and add to it things like developing the therapeutic rapport and some assessment of depression (some suggested assessment are in Appendix B at the end of the book). You can also use assessment tools from online (e.g., Psychologytools.com), Beck Inventories such as (Beck Depression Inventory), and CBT information from your CBT book and from websites such as PostivePsychology.Com for activities and homework to be given to the client. For Grading you need to review your Rubric.

I will upload the chapters and an example of how the assignment should look like, and the above description explains what should be done, please no plagiarism, if you had any questions do not hesitate to contact me

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